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DEPARTURE: Flight Information

MONDAY July 11th

Be at the Airport between at least 3 1/2 HOURS prior to flight with your Passport and in Full Class A Travel Uniforms at Iceland Air Check-in Counter.

          Depart Dulles International 20:35PM on Iceland Air #644

TUESDAY July 12th 

          Arrive Keflavik Airport 06:20AM (Next Day)

          Depart Keflavik Airport 07:35AM on Iceland Air #306

          Arrive Stockholm Airport 12:30

          Depart Stockholm Airport 15:35 on Scandanavin Air #1841

          Arrive Rome International Airport 18:45PM


Tuesday 7/12

Lodging at Roma Scout Center:

Wednesday 7/13 Morning tour of Rome (Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Catacombs, Capuccin Crypt) Afternoon tour of assorted Rome Sites.

Thursday 7/14: Tour of Vatican - Museums, St Peter's Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Tomb of the Popes

Friday 7/15: All Day tour to Pompeii

Saturday 7/16: Touring Rome - Coliseum, Palatine, Roman Forum. Afternoon tour of assorted Rome Sites.

Sunday 7/17

Flight Information: Scandanavian Air #1842 Departs Rome 11:10, stops in Stockholm, to Edinburgh

Arrives Edinburgh, Scotland 16:35pm 


Sunday - Tuesday 7/17-19

Millar Hall Scout Hut: 

Edinburgh Castle (Scottish Crown Jewels, Stone of Scone) Royal Mile; Frankenstein Pub. 


Everything you want to know about the event can be found here:

Homestays and Adult Touring

Return Flight Information

THURSDAY August 4th

          Depart Glasgow International Airport 14:05 on Iceland Air #431

          Arrive Keflavik lceland Airport 15:25PM

          Depart Keflavik lceland Airport 16:50PM on Iceland Air #645

          Arrive Dulles International Airport 19:10PM

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