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                What are we doing!

A contingent of Boy Scouts and Leaders from the Capitol District and BAC is forming to attend the Scottish Jamborette in from July 12 - August 4, 2010. The International Scottish Jamborette Adventure offers a challenging and international program of activities. It is a privilege for a Scout to attend this activity. The BAC Scottish Jamborette Contingent was formed from BSA registered adult Scouters, Boy and Venture Scouts from the Baltimore Area Council.

Requirements for becoming a patrol member are: be 14 years old as of July 1, 2010, earn Star Rank, earn Camping Merit Badge, earn First Aid Merit Badge, be currently registered with the BSA and to be accepted by the BAC Scottish Jamborette Contingent leadership.

                Our Daily Plan

Day 1:       Monday July 12th

Departure Day: 

Continental Flight #2342      BWI to Newark    Departs  12:53PM

Continental Flight #28    Newark-London         Depart 6:40PM

Day 2:        Tuesday July 13th

Arrive at Heathrow, clear customs, Tube to Baden-Powell (BP) House to drop our bags and hit the streets running: London Eye, Westminster Abbey and Tower of London. Dinner at BP House.

Day 3:       Wednesday July 14th

Breakfast at BP-House, then 9am tour bus to Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Westminster Cathedral

Do you see anyone who doesn't belong?

Day 4:       Thursday July 15th

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, Thames River Cruise to Greenwich, 9:15pm Locking of the Keys Ceremony at the Tower of London.

Day 5:       Friday July 16th

Early Rise and Shine, Train thru the Chunnel to Paris: Tour Bus ride around Paris, stops at Notre Dame, Crepes to sooth the stomach, up the Eiffel Tower, train back to London in the evening.

Day 6:       Saturday July 17th

Hampton Court and the British War Museum. If they pack their bags when we tell them, we will spend the evening at Namco.

Day 7:Sunday July 18th

Train to Edinburgh and spend the night in the Miller Scout Hut.

Day 8:       Monday July 19th

Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile and Mary King's Close.

Day 9:       Tuesday July 20th

Scottish Scouts pick us up by bus for the ride to Blair Atholl. Camp Checkin and scouts go to the sub-camps to meet their Scottish patrol counter-parts. Adults join their station teams. Opening Campfire.

Day 10:     Wednesday July 21st

Jamborette Activity day. Mr Ray is on the Newspaper team (Kastle Kurrents). Mr Brett is on the Archery team, Ms Linda is on the Celtic Connections and, Mr George is on the Backwoods Cooking team and Ms TJ is on the Day Hike team. The Scouts get to pick amongst the varied activities for a morning and an afternoon session or an all day activity. Details on the many activities can be found on the Official Jamborette website which can be found on our Links page.

The following is what is needed by all at Blair Atholl Today.

Day 11:      Thursday July 22nd

Jamborette Activity Day 2. Reception for Overseas leaders and staff dine with the Patrols.

Day 12:     Friday July 23rd

Jamborette Activity Day 3. Satellite camp opens for other Scottish scouts. Atholl Experience for most of the gang! Can you recognize your scout?

Day 13:Saturday July 24th

Country Fair Visitors' day. We will be making funnel cakes for quite a few hundred folks today. RC Mass and International Campfire.

Day 14:     Sunday July 25th

Late "Rise and Shine" day. Flag Break and march up to the Castle for a Scouts' Own Service. International Games in the sub-camps after lunch and a Barbeque cookout served by the staff in the sub-camps.

Day 15:     Monday July 26th

Jamborette Activity Day 4. International Patrol Leaders Supper and International showcase in the Kastle.

Day 16:     Tuesday July 27th

Jamborette Activity Day 5.

Day 17:     Wednesday July 28th

Jamborette Activity Day 6. Burns Supper (Bring on the Haggis)!!!! Ceilidh in the Kastle.

Day 18:     Thursday July 29th

Atholantics and dismantling of the subcamps. Closing Campfire.

Day 19:     Friday July 30th

Dispersal of Scouts to their Home stays. Dismantling of the Camp. Reception in the Castle Ballroom, Ceilidh in Staff Club.

Day 20:     Saturday July 31st

Leaders are on their own from the scouts with a train ride to Aberdeen and picking up a rental car. Can't remember where/what we decided to see this day. Bed & Breakfast somewhere in the Aberdeen area.

Day 21:     Sunday August 1st

Car ride along the coast from Aberdeen.

Day 22:     Monday August 2nd

Aberdeen to Inverness, Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle and then back to Aberdeen.

Day 23:     Tuesday August 3rd

Leaders depart from our Aberdeen B&B for a leisurely drive down the coast to Dundee, Perth and eventually back at the Miller Scout Hut. The scouts return to Edinburgh from their various homestays and regroup at the scout hut. Last evening in the UK.

Day 24:     Wednesday August 4th

Coming Home!!! Continental #109Edinburgh to NewarkDeparts 12:10pm Continental #2699Newark to BWIDeparts at 4:20pm, arrives back to BWI at 5:34pm. 

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